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Sunday, February 1, 2009


Another late night....another blog. Everyone says that you lose sleep after the baby is born, but it is my experience that once the baby is out I sleep much better with he/she by my side rather than in my side...squashing my ribs.

I have been nesting for the past week now. At least I've been trying. Various pregnancy problems and home schooling the other kids has slowed me down a bit. We cleaned out the shop today so Russel can move all his music equipment and books out there. Then I can have the back room for a baby room! I haven't had a dedicated baby room since baby #1.

Nesting is such a primal feeling. It's like something just takes over and makes you clean and prepare. It is the only time that I actually get out the (old) toothbrush and clean all those forgotten corners out. I just got myself a new steam cleaner, but have not tried it out yet. I can' t wait to see what I can accomplish with that hummer! Maybe if I send everyone to bed with ear plugs I could burn the midnight oil cleaning!

Well, by the time I lay down, get comfortable, and fall asleep again, my two year old will come in and wake me up. I really feel that I must give it a go however. Only six more hours before I need to wake up and get everyone ready for Sunday school and Liturgy. Offer it up, Rach, offer it up.

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